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Nortel Compact ICS KSU

Expandable to 8 regular or caller-ID lines and 24 sets. This system is voicemail and auto attendant compatible and also supports all Norstar M and T series phone sets. This is an excellent choice for a new or existing small- to medium-size business atmosphere.

Norstar Modular ICS KSU Cabinet 0x32

This Modular Integrated Communications System MICS is the most comprehensive of the Norstar product offerings. The Norstar Modular Integrated Communications System (ICS) is a key Norstar telephone system designed for growing medium to large businesses and is expandable up to 272 ports.

Norstar Call Pilot 100 Voicemail Systems

The Call Pilot 100 for Norstar Systems is a state-of-the art voicemail messaging system for small to mid-sized businesses, with 10-40 mailbox users. The Call Pilot 100 is equipped with built-in advanced features, such as Auto Attendant and personal Voice Messaging.

Norstar Voicemail Flashtalk

The Nortel Flashtalk 2-Port voicemail system provides 2 ports, 24 mailboxes and 90 minutes of message storage. Expandable using 2-port expansion cartridge.

Meridian Norstar 308 Cabinet

The Norstar 308 is preconfigured for 3 lines and 8 telephone sets.

Meridian Norstar 616 Cabinet

The Norstar 616 is preconfigured for 6 lines and 16 telephone sets.

Meridian Norstar 824 Cabinet

The Norstar 824 is preconfigured for 8 lines and 24 telephones it can be expanded to 80 lines or 120 stations or a combination of the two.